Pool Opening

The HOA has spoken with legal council and agreed that we can open the pool with limitations. 

The earliest we can have the pool prepared to be open is Saturday, June 6th. It will be open that day with the attached posted policies.

You must bring your own chairs, sanitizers, and follow the posted guidelines. We are not allowing visitors at this time, the only exception being if you have a clubhouse/pool rental scheduled.

In order to maintain pool access YOU HAVE A RESPONSIBILITY to maintain social distancing between your family and others.

These are unprecedented times so please use precaution and use the pool at your own risk.

Pool Guidelines

2020 Dues Update

Dear Brookhaven Home Owners Association Members,

We are in unprecedented times. Given the evolving economic situation due to the outbreak of Covid-19, the board of directors has voted to defer the 2020 dues increase to 2021. Dues for 2020 will remain at $260.

If you have any questions or need assistance with your payment or if you would like a refund for the increase already paid, please contact our community association manager, Angie Glass at 205-877-9480 or angie@nhmllc.org.

Basketball Court Closure

For the health and safety of all, we have made the decision to close the basketball court until further notice.

Thank you to the very respectful students at the court this afternoon who understood the reasons for doing this.

Let’s all do our part to keep the spread of Covid-19 as contained as possible.

Pet Laws and Ordinances

We have seen our fair share of pets running loose in the neighborhood and from our Annual Meeting we were asked what the laws are for Pets. This turned out to be a hard question to nail down because there are State Laws and local laws on top of those. Below is a link to the Alabama State Laws:

Alabama State Codes for Pets 

Below is a link to the local Margaret Ordinances for Pets. Also, for those concerned about violations, the violations need to be reported to the authorities, and Facebook is not an authority on this or any matter.

Margaret Pet/Animal Ordinances

2019 Annual HOA Meeting Minutes

The Minutes for the 2019 Annual HOA Meeting can be found using the link below:

2019 Annual HOA Meeting

Annual Neighborhood Yard Sale 2019

This year our neighborhood yard sale will be in April. Ann Rayburn is kindly organizing a neighborhood pickup of leftover items/donations to benefit The Lovelady Center. If you would like to be on the list for pickup please text Ann your address. Her number is 205.908.0859.

2019 Annual HOA Meeting

The Annual HOA Meeting is the 2nd Tuesday of April at 7pm at the Brookhaven Clubhouse, which is April 9th this year. You should be getting a letter this week with the meeting announcement and a Board Member registration ballot asking for volunteers for all positions on the HOA Board. If you are interested in running please fill out the form and return it or let one of the existing Board members know. Another letter should be going out before the meeting with nominees to be voted on for the Board positions, otherwise we will have the vote at the Annual Meeting.

The Board has invited the Developer to the Annual Meeting and he has accepted, so Darrell Pittard, Managing Member of Brookhaven Development Partners, will be there to discuss future development plans and take questions. We have been communicating our concerns to Darrell throughout the year and we should be able to address them all at the meeting. If anyone else would like to attend as a guest speaker, please let the Board know ahead of time and we can approve and coordinate the speaker.

After attending a few City Council meetings we are working with the City to get additional Stop Signs installed and rumble strips put in in lieu of Speed Bumps on Brookhaven Drive. We also reached out to our Insurance Carrier to discuss costs of adding additional speed barriers on non City owned roads.

The board has reached out to the City and the Developers about our roads, and the city is working to get the developers to repair the roads, but as with all things political and development related timing is always the issue. So for the 3rd year the HOA has purchased some Blacktop Patch and you may have already seen Harold patching pot holes. So please be careful and patient with any residents that you see repairing the roads where we can. We have also taken the road situation directly to the developer and he said they will be repairing Americana and Horton Drive in the near future and Darrell can elaborate at the meeting. Lakeside Drive also has money set aside for a final seal coat once Development has finished paid for by the Bank, so again, it will be repaired, it is a matter of time.

A few City updates;

  • Construction on a new City Hall will begin soon across the street from North Valley.
  • The City is working with North Valley to build a Park next to North Valley
  • 1 Mile of 2″ of Blacktop paving is roughly $88,000. This price is just for laying blacktop, and does not include prep work or leveling.
  • The County is supposed to be paving Old Acton Road by 2020, It will not be widened, but just get paved.
  • Tenza Yarbrough brought up adding more stops signs on Brookhaven Drive. We also discovered that the City does not maintain stop signs on Roads that they do not manage so the HOA will be buying some replacement stop signs from the City.