Fence Guidelines


General Fence Guidelines


  1. Written approval by the ARC (Architectural Review Committee) must be requested and obtained prior to construction.
  1. Fence to be of natural wood color and unpainted, no more than 6’ in height, straight board or shadow box style. Any fence top style other than plain dog-eared top style (i.e., scalloped, saddled, capped, other shapes, etc.) must be indicated on ARC request.
  1. Fence cannot exceed 6’ in height above grade and must be finished to the outside (side support slats to the inside, fence finished to the outside view) or shadow-box/privacy design.
  1. All fencing visible from the street shall not extend beyond front building setback line on any adjacent lot and fence must be within setbacks from property line. Fence should connect with property line or with existing fences on adjacent property. NOTE: Permission to connect to or tie-in with any neighbors’ existing fences is to be directly obtained by owner with that neighbor. Owner should obtain survey for accurate fence placement and to help prevent encroachment. Fence placement, surveys, placement in any easement fencing and permits by the City of Margaret are sole responsibility of owner of lot to obtain and verify.
  1. Fence cannot obstruct or interfere with surface water drainage. Existing drainage shall not be altered in any manner so as to divert the flow of water onto an adjacent lot or lots.
  1. Lot owner is responsible for maintaining all lot property, whether inside or outside of the fence line. If any lot property remains outside the fence line (i.e. on sloping grass bank behind fence line, etc.), it is owner’s responsibility to arrange for access to continuously maintain that property — such as access gating to be installed in fence.
  1. Owner should contact City of Margaret (629-5742 or 629-5748) for any permits or licenses required by the City. Per City of Margaret, any contractor hired to install fencing must obtain a business license from the City of Margaret prior to installation.
  1. ARC approval granted will be based on review of fence specifications as submitted by owner and subject to post-installation inspection by ARC. Owner should contact ARC as soon as possible after installation for ARC inspection and final approval.

Brookhaven Homeowner’s Association Inc. — 2700 Highway 280, Suite 425— Birmingham, AL 35244 (205) 877-9480 ext. 34 —arc@brookhavenofmargaret.com or shenson@nhmllc.org

Updated 8/8/2017