Pool Season

With the pool opening there are always issues. Having to replace the Access Controls has complicated that further, but the Board is working through each issue as quickly as we can. With the new Access Cards ther have been some real issues and some user issues. But beyond the cards we are seeing a resurgence of issues that we see every year at the beginning of the season. There has been a slew of unaccompanied children at the pool in large groups. These children exacerbate the issue by opening the gate for other children. Adults have tried to intervene, and the children ignore them, talk back and continue to let anyone into the pool. If someone is there with a non-working card, do not presume it is a glitch. Many people have old and new cards that have not paid their dues and their cards do not open the gate for a reason. Likewise, just because you recognize a resident does not mean that they have paid their dues so please do not let anyone into the pool who does not have a working card. We have also had a slew of damage in the pool already this year. Someone has bent the ladder and broken the rope less than a week after opening. The rope is $65 and the ladder is $350. We will be reviewing the footage and will begin deactivating pool access for residents who damage equipment. But when people are let into the pool who do not live here, we cannot do much to them for damage they cause as identification in near impossible.

All residents have the right to protect HOA property, and Board members are not the only ones responsible for maintaining and speaking up when you see issues. If you see disorderly/inappropriate conduct or trespass and do not feel comfortable confronting the situation, we encourage you to call the non-emergency police number, 205-629-3333. The pool is the neighborhoods property and is left trashed every night. Residents are having to clean up after others daily, and the above issues make this worse with no parental supervision. Considering all of this, the Board is making the age limit at the pool be a minimum of 18 or you must be accompanied by an adult a permanent rule. The Pool rules signs will be updated soon to reflect this. Also, the Number of guests per family is 2, not 2 per person in your family. This is to prevent overcrowding and as we have seen in many cases already one unaccompanied teen brings in a large group of friends. We are also looking for the residents who were drinking and performing excessive PDA in the pool. This will not be tolerated, and their access will be revoked.

Please remember to respect others and others property and we can continue to enjoy our neighborhood amenities. You can find the HOA Boards email addresses and the Management Company contact information on the HOA Website, Brookhavenofmargaret.com

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