Pool Surveillance

Unfortunately, we continue to have problems with some residents disrespecting community property and not following rules regarding the pool and clubhouse. There were several serious violations by a select group of residents on July 4th. Residents blocked the gate to sneak in after hours, they had numerous non resident guests, the parking lot and surrounding area were left a mess.

Those residents have since had their access cards deactivated. Once again, the HOA wants to remind residents there are working cameras surrounding the pool, clubhouse and parking lot.

Video footage will be reviewed frequently and the entire area will also be monitored by HOA officers. From this point forward, any resident caught disregarding policy will have their access cards deactivated until further notice.

There are to be NO GUESTS, no one under 18 without a parent, bring your own chairs, no diving or reckless behavior. Pick up your own belongings, including your trash. Do not destroy or disrespect community property.

This is not hard folks.

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