Pool Update

The 2021 Pool Season will start Friday May 21st! We are busy adding the new access controls in and continuing to work on the chemical balances in the pool, so please stay out until the 21st. The HOA Board finally has news about the new Pool as well. Construction is scheduled to begin after Labor Day, so we should get a full Summer in with the current pool, but the new Pool will be Gunite, so no more liner, 5′ wider and 75′ long. It will include a shallow children’s area, minus the Umbrella, as seen in the attached photos. There will be a bench along the length of the pool for sitting in the water, and there will be a full 25 yard swim lane. As you can see in the overlay picture the pool will be in the same location, but extend almost to the basketball court. We will be relocating the playground to a yet undetermined location.

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