Annual HOA Meeting April 17th

It’s that time of year again and residents should have received invoices for the Annual HOA Dues, as well as a letter asking for volunteers for Members of the HOA Board of Directors. We did receive any new volunteers for the HOA Board and Thankfully the existing Board Members were willing to serve again in 2018. If you wanted to volunteer or submitted a request and we did not receive it, please let us know and we will reach out to you. There is still an open position on the Board for the Resident at Large, who is a voting member of the Board and is responsible for managing the HOA committees, so if anyone is interested in that, please let us know as well.

We are currently taking bids on replacing the liner in the Pool, so if anyone can recommend a company we would be glad to get a quote from them as well to replace the liner in the community pool. The developer, Darrell Pittard, has offered to help cover the cost of the new liner since we are not getting the new pool yet, and if that works out we will be using the money budgeted for the Pool Liner for some new patio furniture for the Pool. The Pool is expected to be open in May, so let us know if you have any recommendations soon.

The Annual Meeting for this year will be on Tuesday, April 17th at 7pm. The current President will be traveling for work and will not be able to attend, but the rest of the Board should be present as well as our new representative from Neighborhood Management, DeAnn Ranzy to go over the financials and answer any questions you may have. We should be posting an Agenda for the meeting before the meeting to let everyone know what will be discussed ahead of time, and we expect to have some local political representatives there to speak at the beginning of the meeting, but more details about that will be in the Agenda.

December HOA Meeting Minutes

The minutes for the December HOA Meeting have been posted.

December 2017 HOA Meeting Minutes


HOA Meeting Updates

We have posted the minutes from the August HOA Meeting , the Q2 Financials and made a couple of other updates to the website. We now have a standard ARC request form  that can be downloaded and emailed to the Architectural Review Committee at  for ARC Requests. Rhonda Hodges has compiled a list of important local contacts that we will be sending out to all residents soon along with copies of the Covenants & Restrictions, but it can also now be found here; Local Contacts . We would like to compile a similar list of local businesses for residents, so please email your local favorite businesses to and we will send that out and post it on the website soon.


Brookhaven HOA Meeting

We will have an HOA Committee Meeting on Sunday August 6th at 7:00 pm at the clubhouse. We will discuss Committees and other open HOA business.

Committee Meeting and Recurring HOA Meetings

We are planning to have an HOA meeting soon to discuss committees and community concerns. The Board wants to conduct monthly meetings to hear concerns and keep everyone updated on our actions, we just have to coordinate it around clubhouse rentals during the summer. These meetings will be informal, but will allow everyone a chance to be heard and updated on current HOA business.

Miss Ponds,, is working to get some committees off the ground and is simplifying the list of committees down to the Architectural Review Committee, Welcoming Committee, Finance Committee and a Fitness Committee. We are looking for Volunteers for all of these, so please contact Miss Ponds if you are interested and we will discuss this in further detail at the upcoming meeting.


Pool Updates – Please Bring Your Access Card

We have turned on the pool gate lock and so as of today it will only be accessible using an access card. By now everyone who is current should have had time to receive their access cards, if you have not received your access card, or feel there has been an error, please contact Sarah Marie Henson,  O: (205) 877-9480, to get it resolved. If you would like to buy a second access card they can be purchased for $25 by contacting Sarah Marie Henson, but we are limiting it to 2 cards per household. Everyone who is a current member of the HOA should have a card by now so please do not let anyone in who doesn’t have an access card.

The Pool will be shutting down at the beginning of September to start the construction of the new Jr. Olympic Size Swimming Pool that is to be completed by next April. We will be posting designs of the pool as soon as we have them.

There has been some mix up in the Pool Rules, but our pool rules are posted below:


Fire Department Training

The Margaret Fire Department will be running drills in the basketball court today, 06/15/2017, from 6:30pm until 8:00pm. Thank You for understanding and helping to make our Fire & Rescue workers be the best that they can be.

Pool Rules and Access Cards Update

The Pool Rules that came in the mail had an rule that does not apply to our neighborhood. Rule #5 Pool parties are allowed with permission of the Board of Directors does not apply to us and was overlooked when putting the list together. The rules for our pool rental and parties are on the Rentals page on the website.

The Pool Access Control Cards have caused a delay in getting the cards in the mail, but the pool will remain open until the cards have been delivered. The vendor only supplied half of the cards and we are still waiting on the remainder of the order before we can mail the cards out. But, as was mentioned, the pool gate will be open between 7 am and 10 pm until the cards have been mailed out. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Pool Opening Information

We have had several projects in the works that affect the pool opening this year including access controls for pool access, WiFi at the Pool and Clubhouse and getting the Pool cleaned and ready for use. The access controls are being installed this weekend and we will be distributing one card per home and additional cards and possibly fobs can be purchased. More details about the pricing and number of cards will follow. The WiFi is installed but we will be securing it and so it should become available in the near future for use at the clubhouse and Pool. Mr. Simpson has been diligently working on the Pool and we faced a challenge with and algae outbreak that slightly delayed the soft opening until Monday, May 22nd. Our Pool Opening Party will be Sunday, May 28th from noon until 5 pm with food served close to 1 pm. We will have an inflatable water slide, hamburgers, hotdogs, drinks and chips.

Annual Meeting & Board Elections

We are rapidly approaching the HOA Annual Meeting in April and the HOA is looking for volunteers for the HOA Board positions for next year. All the Board positions are up for election each year which include the President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary and Resident At Large roles. The responsibilities of each position are explained in the Brookhaven By-Laws, but we will post additional details about the positions and how they interact with the management company soon. We will post updates about the candidates closer to the Annual Meeting, but currently have no volunteers.

The Board has heard your concerns about compliance letters being delivered for issues that seem minor, and inversely that we do not pursue compliance often enough nor fast enough. We are reviewing the compliance reports more thoroughly moving forward, but it is still every resident’s responsibility to maintain their homes and property. We do not publish resident’s personal communications/violations nor does any resident get special treatment, positive or negative. We follow a standard process for handling each case and if you have concerns you can contact one of the Board Members or Sarah-Marie Henson at Neighborhood Management to discuss the details.

Resident’s should be receiving annual HOA Dues statements any time now, and so if you do not receive one by mid-March you should contact Sarah-Marie Henson with Neighborhood Management at 205-877-9480, or via email . We are receiving quotes currently to put in Card Access Controls at the Pool and Clubhouse with hopes to replace the Armbands with either Cards or a Key Fob for personal access to the HOA Facilities, more details will be given at the Annual Meeting. We are also getting quotes to supply WiFi at the Pool and Clubhouse as well.

With the new year coming up this is a great opportunity to make a difference by serving on the Board. We are continuing to grow the partnership with Neighborhood Management and together are improving our community day by day. We hope to see you at the Annual Meeting, hear your feedback and find out who is volunteering for the HOA Board for 2017.