Pool Opening Information

We have had several projects in the works that affect the pool opening this year including access controls for pool access, WiFi at the Pool and Clubhouse and getting the Pool cleaned and ready for use. The access controls are being installed this weekend and we will be distributing one card per home and additional cards and possibly fobs can be purchased. More details about the pricing and number of cards will follow. The WiFi is installed but we will be securing it and so it should become available in the near future for use at the clubhouse and Pool. Mr. Simpson has been diligently working on the Pool and we faced a challenge with and algae outbreak that slightly delayed the soft opening until Monday, May 22nd. Our Pool Opening Party will be Sunday, May 28th from noon until 5 pm with food served close to 1 pm. We will have an inflatable water slide, hamburgers, hotdogs, drinks and chips.

Annual Meeting & Board Elections

We are rapidly approaching the HOA Annual Meeting in April and the HOA is looking for volunteers for the HOA Board positions for next year. All the Board positions are up for election each year which include the President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary and Resident At Large roles. The responsibilities of each position are explained in the Brookhaven By-Laws, but we will post additional details about the positions and how they interact with the management company soon. We will post updates about the candidates closer to the Annual Meeting, but currently have no volunteers.

The Board has heard your concerns about compliance letters being delivered for issues that seem minor, and inversely that we do not pursue compliance often enough nor fast enough. We are reviewing the compliance reports more thoroughly moving forward, but it is still every resident’s responsibility to maintain their homes and property. We do not publish resident’s personal communications/violations nor does any resident get special treatment, positive or negative. We follow a standard process for handling each case and if you have concerns you can contact one of the Board Members or Sarah-Marie Henson at Neighborhood Management to discuss the details.

Resident’s should be receiving annual HOA Dues statements any time now, and so if you do not receive one by mid-March you should contact Sarah-Marie Henson with Neighborhood Management at 205-877-9480, or via email shenson@nhmllc.org . We are receiving quotes currently to put in Card Access Controls at the Pool and Clubhouse with hopes to replace the Armbands with either Cards or a Key Fob for personal access to the HOA Facilities, more details will be given at the Annual Meeting. We are also getting quotes to supply WiFi at the Pool and Clubhouse as well.

With the new year coming up this is a great opportunity to make a difference by serving on the Board. We are continuing to grow the partnership with Neighborhood Management and together are improving our community day by day. We hope to see you at the Annual Meeting, hear your feedback and find out who is volunteering for the HOA Board for 2017.

Merry Christmas to Everyone!

The HOA Board wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

The Board has submitted the first set of revisions to Brookhaven Development Partners and it is posted on the website and can be found here. Brookhaven Agreement V2

We are asking to remove section 7 & 8 entirely which should clear up some of the obscurity and have added details to the document. The HOA’s Attorney has confirmed that having the agreement in writing makes it binding and she is reviewing our suggested changes.

There was an oversight and there was no self addressed stamped return envelope with your ballots , but you can scan or take a picture of it and email them in to shenson@nhmllc.org

We hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday Season.

December 8th HOA Meeting Update

The December 8th HOA Meeting was scheduled to vote on 3 topics, but a motion was made at the meeting to extend the voting period until we finalized the Agreement with the Brookhaven Development Partners. The Agreement was delivered to us on the day of the meeting without time to finalize the details. Therefore, at the meeting we voted to move forward with negotiating the Agreement and would tally the votes for accepting Phase 10 & Lakeside homes into our HOA once the Agreement was finalized and signed.

You can find the first draft of the Agreement on the HOA website under HOA Documents as well as the Covenants & Restrictions for Phase 10: http://brookhavenofmargaret.com/hoa-documents/

We will continue to update the web site with revisions and post updates about the status until this document is finalized.

You will find a copy of the Agreement along with a ballot in a letter that can be submitted either by delivering it to a Board member or mailing it back to the management company. We expect to have the Agreement settled by the end of year and would like to have all the ballots returned by December 30th.

Brookhaven Special HOA Meeting Dec. 8th

We will be holding a special meeting December 8th at 7pm at the Brookhaven Clubhouse to vote on the new Development Issues.

Vote #1 – Allow an Open Enrollment period to allow Lakeside Homes to join the Brookhaven HOA.

Vote #2 – Accept Phase 10 into our HOA using the Covenants & Restrictions found here.

Vote #3 – Accept the Contract with the Developer for new Amenities, which will be posted as soon as we have a draft.

October HOA Meeting

Our 3rd Quarter HOA Meeting is scheduled for Sunday, October 30th at 3 p.m. at the Brookhaven Clubhouse. We will be voting on several important topics related to the new development and amenities for the community, so please plan on attending.

We are planning to have a meeting for residents to meet the new Developer, hear his plans and to ask questions. We are tentatively planning this for October 26th at 6 p.m. at the Brookhaven Clubhouse, but it is subject to change and we will post updates for this meeting on the Brookhaven Website and Facebook groups.

If you cannot make it you will find the HOA Meeting Minutes and more details on the website at http://www.brookhavenofmargaret.com , you can also look for our Facebook Page, Brookhaven of Margaret. Look under the HOA Documents Section for the Covenants and By-Laws and Minutes.

Some of the topics that we will be discussing and voting on are:
• Phase 10 Covenants and Restrictions Acceptance into the HOA.
• Allowing the new Homes in Lakeside to be part of our HOA.
• Allowing an Open Enrollment period for existing LakeSide homes to join our HOA.
• Accepting new Amenities for the neighborhood, including a Jr. Olympic Sized Pool Gunite and a Kiddie Pool to replace our existing Pool.

Upcoming Calendar Events:
Halloween Party at the Clubhouse October 30th starting immediately after the HOA meeting. There will be candy, food, fun, games and friends.
We will have off duty police officers patrolling and controlling traffic on Monday Oct. 31st for Halloween.

July HOA Meeting

We will have an HOA Meeting Sunday July 24th at 3:00 p.m until 5:00 p.m.. We will be holding elections for the Secretary and the Resident positions on the Board of Directors. Tiffany Rogers is moving and Elizabeth Ponds is stepping down as Secretary to run for the Resident position. If you would like to run for either position please email President@brookhavenofmargaret.com. We look forward to seeing everyone there.

May Brookhaven Events

May 14th Noon – Pool Opening

May 21st 7am – Community Yard Sale

May 21st 3pm – Hannah Home Community Pickup

May 20th – 27th – Spring Cleanup

May 14th at Noon we will be opening the Pool and will be having Hotdogs, Hamburgers, Chips, Drinks and inflatables for the children. 

May 21st starting at 7am the Community Yard sale starts. Brookhaven and Ridgefield will both be hosting community wide yard sales that will be advertised in the St Clair Times.

Hannah Home will be coming out following the Yard Sale on Saturday May 21st to pick up anything that is not sold that you would like to donate. You can leave the donations at the end of your driveway or on the curb for pickup Monday

Spring Cleanup will be from May 20th until May 27th. More details will be discussed during the Pool Opening.

Brookhaven Committee Meeting Time Change

We are moving the start time for the Committee Meeting from 3 p.m. to 2 p.m. Now the meeting will take place on Sunday May 1st at 2p.m. at the Brookhaven Clubhouse. We look forward to seeing everyone there.