Pool Updates – Please Bring Your Access Card

We have turned on the pool gate lock and so as of today it will only be accessible using an access card. By now everyone who is current should have had time to receive their access cards, if you have not received your access card, or feel there has been an error, please contact Sarah Marie Henson, shenson@nhmllc.orgĀ  O: (205) 877-9480, to get it resolved. If you would like to buy a second access card they can be purchased for $25 by contacting Sarah Marie Henson, but we are limiting it to 2 cards per household. Everyone who is a current member of the HOA should have a card by now so please do not let anyone in who doesn’t have an access card.

The Pool will be shutting down at the beginning of September to start the construction of the new Jr. Olympic Size Swimming Pool that is to be completed by next April. We will be posting designs of the pool as soon as we have them.

There has been some mix up in the Pool Rules, but our pool rules are posted below:


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